Most Effective Homeopathic Remedies For Mononucleosis

Various Home Remedies For Mononucleosis. Honey And Ginger. Cold Water Compress. Though kissing is the most common and easy way by which this virus spreads, using common utensils especially for drinking, sharing water and food can also cause the infection to spread.

There are in fact remedies for mono in homeopathic medicine. Mononucleosis is a viral infection caused by EB virus .It can also be caused by CM virus .You are most probably having a chronic mononucleosis caused by EB virus .But chronic mononucleosis is a rare condition and there are.

10 Treatments for Mononucleosis. Home Conditions Mononucleosis. The mononucleosis illness, or mono in popular terminology, is an infectious disease spread by physical contact. They know antibiotics are not effective treatments for a viral illness, but they do help treat the sore throat.

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Lifestyle and home remedies. Most signs and symptoms of mononucleosis ease within a few weeks, but it may be two to three months before you feel completely normal. Mononucleosis can last weeks, keeping you at home as you recover. Be patient with your body as it fights the infection.

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There are several effective home remedies for Mononucleosis that can control the infection. Mononucleosis affects the younger generation because it spreads through direct contact, especially Continue the process for a week or 10 days. Echinacea is a medicinal herb that has many excellent.

Natural home remedies for mononucleosis is to get an adequate amount of sleep and enough rest throughout the day to recover at a faster pace. In most instances mononucleosis is not very severe and gets resolved on its own within a few weeks.

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Known as mono or the kissing disease,it's a contagious infection caused by a virus from the herpes family.Here are some home remedies to treat mononucleosis. This virus targets the epithelial cells and lymphocytes. Mono is also sometimes called Pfeiffer's disease, glandular fever or Filatov's disease.