Herbal Remedies Quest

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Herbal Remedies is a required quest that occurs during Act 1 – Part 1 of Trails of Cold Steel II.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a mission where a religious leader advises you to give teenagers an "herbal remedy." The game plays it very straight, as just another one of many fetch quests. The context, however, and the nature of the items involved make it hard not to wonder what the writers were thinking.

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To help you on your quest, we’ve curated a beginner’s guide.

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Objectives. Use the [Seed of Revitalization] at the Earthbinder's Circle to heal the land around the crystal. Then, return to Earthbinder Galandria Nightbreeze at the Cenarion Post in Hellfire Peninsula with any information that you gain. Fallen Sky Ridge Revitalized [Seed of Revitalization] (Provided) Description. It must be that the evil emanations from that giant crystal are summoning the.

Herbal Remedies is a quest given to Byleth by Rhea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses during the Academy Phase.

Find 20 Imperial Lotus Leaves. A level 15 Krasarang Wilds Quest. Rewards Lotus Water. Added in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Always up to date.

Herbal Remedies Quest Guide in Fire Emblem Three Houses In order to start the Herbal Remedies quest you'll need to talk to Rhea in Chapter 5, and you'll find her on the second floor. Just follow.

Green Thumb Beginnings Rewards: Mixed Herb Seeds x5, Western Foldan Seeds x5, Tomato x4, Renown +300 Head back to your room's door, and you will find Dedue standing outside your room. Talk to him and he will give you the Green Thumb Beginnings side-quest.

Natural Remedies • Accept Natural Remedies from Earthbinder Galandria Nightbreeze at coords 15.8, 51.6 (North of the Ruins of Sha'naar). • Travel north to a green rune, on the ground, at coords 13, 39 and click on the Seed of Revitalization you were provided.