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While you may have heard of hypertension or high blood pressure, suffering from low blood pressure can be as dangerous as well.An optimal blood pressure reading is less than 120mm Hg and above 80 mm Hg. The first number indicates the systolic pressure or the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats and fills with them with blood.

Nowadays, high blood pressure or called hypertension is a quite common disease or medical condition and tends to develop. The normal blood pressure is 120/80, and for an adult, it should be under 140/90. This disease is a serious health problem because it may be a life-threatening disease if it is not controlled.

But owing to the popularity of low-fat diet plans.

[ANALYSIS] "Calcium is one of the most effective natural remedies for high blood pressure," she wrote on her website, MyLowerBloodPressure.com.

High blood pressure-also known as hypertension or "the silent killer"-affects 1 in 3 adult Americans, or roughly 67 million people, and that number only continues to grow. 90-95% of cases are known as primary hypertension, which is hypertension with no underlying medical cause.

Flax seed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and has been shown in some studies to lower blood pressure. A recent review suggested taking 30-50 grams of whole or ground seeds per day for more than.

When a person's blood pressure is low enough to cause symptoms, it can have serious health consequences, including shock and kidney failure. Symptoms of low blood pressure include dizziness.

Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure – Herbs, supplements, a healthy eating pattern, and a few yoga exercises constitute the natural remedies.

of high blood pressure and high blood glucose related to age is one low in calories.

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As mentioned, while natural cures for high blood pressure can help bring numbers within normal range and prevent additional problems, the challenge is that many people never have symptoms. As a result, these people live with this potentially deadly disease without any awareness until experiencing a heart attack, stroke, or even death.